GNOME UTF-8 input method and reference table

The method

ISO 14755 defines a method of entering symbols using Ctrl+Shift and an hexadecimal number for the UTF-8 character. This method works in, amongst others, GNOME (probably with any desktop).

While keeping Ctrl and Shift pressed down, enter the hexadecimal number (as seen below in the table). If you are using GNOME 2.15 or later, you need to prepend every hex code with "u". A few example codes are:


So for GNOME 2.15 and later, try: holding down Crtl and Shift press "ue1". After letting go of Crtl and Shift you should have an ä. For earlier versions of GNOME, just do the same, but without the u, so "e1" instead of "ue1".

Full table

Here are both ISO 8859-1 and ISO 8859-2. You can go on allot longer, but there doesn't seem to be any point. The decimal can be used for HTML (use &#number;), the hexadecimal can be used for ISO 14755 and de octal number is just cool.

This list is a direct translation of

040320x20 Space
041330x21!Exclamation mark
042340x22"Quotation mark
043350x23#Number sign
044360x24$Dollar sign
045370x25%Percent sign
050400x28(Left parenthesis
051410x29)Right parenthesis
053430x2B+Plus sign
056460x2E.Full stop
060480x300Digit zero
061490x311Digit one
062500x322Digit two
063510x333Digit three
064520x344Digit four
065530x355Digit five
066540x366Digit six
067550x377Digit seven
070560x388Digit eight
071570x399Digit nine
074600x3C<Less-than sign
075610x3D=Equals sign
076620x3E>Greater-than sign
077630x3F?Question mark
0100640x40@Commercial at
0101650x41ALatin capital letter a
0102660x42BLatin capital letter b
0103670x43CLatin capital letter c
0104680x44DLatin capital letter d
0105690x45ELatin capital letter e
0106700x46FLatin capital letter f
0107710x47GLatin capital letter g
0110720x48HLatin capital letter h
0111730x49ILatin capital letter i
0112740x4AJLatin capital letter j
0113750x4BKLatin capital letter k
0114760x4CLLatin capital letter l
0115770x4DMLatin capital letter m
0116780x4ENLatin capital letter n
0117790x4FOLatin capital letter o
0120800x50PLatin capital letter p
0121810x51QLatin capital letter q
0122820x52RLatin capital letter r
0123830x53SLatin capital letter s
0124840x54TLatin capital letter t
0125850x55ULatin capital letter u
0126860x56VLatin capital letter v
0127870x57WLatin capital letter w
0130880x58XLatin capital letter x
0131890x59YLatin capital letter y
0132900x5AZLatin capital letter z
0133910x5B[Left square bracket
0134920x5C\Reverse solidus
0135930x5D]Right square bracket
0136940x5E^Circumflex accent
0137950x5F_Low line
0140960x60`Grave accent
0141970x61aLatin small letter a
0142980x62bLatin small letter b
0143990x63cLatin small letter c
01441000x64dLatin small letter d
01451010x65eLatin small letter e
01461020x66fLatin small letter f
01471030x67gLatin small letter g
01501040x68hLatin small letter h
01511050x69iLatin small letter i
01521060x6AjLatin small letter j
01531070x6BkLatin small letter k
01541080x6ClLatin small letter l
01551090x6DmLatin small letter m
01561100x6EnLatin small letter n
01571110x6FoLatin small letter o
01601120x70pLatin small letter p
01611130x71qLatin small letter q
01621140x72rLatin small letter r
01631150x73sLatin small letter s
01641160x74tLatin small letter t
01651170x75uLatin small letter u
01661180x76vLatin small letter v
01671190x77wLatin small letter w
01701200x78xLatin small letter x
01711210x79yLatin small letter y
01721220x7AzLatin small letter z
01731230x7B{Left curly bracket
01741240x7C|Vertical line
01751250x7D}Right curly bracket
02401600xA0 No-break space
02411610xA1¡Inverted exclamation mark
02421620xA2¢Cent sign
02431630xA3£Pound sign
02441640xA4¤Currency sign
02451650xA5¥Yen sign
02461660xA6¦Broken bar
02471670xA7§Section sign
02511690xA9©Copyright sign
02521700xAAªFeminine ordinal indicator
02531710xAB«Left-pointing double angle quotation mark
02541720xAC¬Not sign
02551730xAD­Soft hyphen
02561740xAE®Registered sign
02601760xB0°Degree sign
02611770xB1±Plus-minus sign
02621780xB2²Superscript two
02631790xB3³Superscript three
02641800xB4´Acute accent
02651810xB5µMicro sign
02661820xB6Pilcrow sign
02671830xB7·Middle dot
02711850xB9¹Superscript one
02721860xBAºMasculine ordinal indicator
02731870xBB»Right-pointing double angle quotation mark
02741880xBC¼Vulgar fraction one quarter
02751890xBD½Vulgar fraction one half
02761900xBE¾Vulgar fraction three quarters
02771910xBF¿Inverted question mark
03001920xC0ÀLatin capital letter a with grave
03011930xC1ÁLatin capital letter a with acute
03021940xC2ÂLatin capital letter a with circumflex
03031950xC3ÃLatin capital letter a with tilde
03041960xC4ÄLatin capital letter a with diaeresis
03051970xC5ÅLatin capital letter a with ring above
03061980xC6ÆLatin capital letter ae
03071990xC7ÇLatin capital letter c with cedilla
03102000xC8ÈLatin capital letter e with grave
03112010xC9ÉLatin capital letter e with acute
03122020xCAÊLatin capital letter e with circumflex
03132030xCBËLatin capital letter e with diaeresis
03142040xCCÌLatin capital letter i with grave
03152050xCDÍLatin capital letter i with acute
03162060xCEÎLatin capital letter i with circumflex
03172070xCFÏLatin capital letter i with diaeresis
03202080xD0ÐLatin capital letter eth
03212090xD1ÑLatin capital letter n with tilde
03222100xD2ÒLatin capital letter o with grave
03232110xD3ÓLatin capital letter o with acute
03242120xD4ÔLatin capital letter o with circumflex
03252130xD5ÕLatin capital letter o with tilde
03262140xD6ÖLatin capital letter o with diaeresis
03272150xD7×Multiplication sign
03302160xD8ØLatin capital letter o with stroke
03312170xD9ÙLatin capital letter u with grave
03322180xDAÚLatin capital letter u with acute
03332190xDBÛLatin capital letter u with circumflex
03342200xDCÜLatin capital letter u with diaeresis
03352210xDDÝLatin capital letter y with acute
03362220xDEÞLatin capital letter thorn
03372230xDFßLatin small letter sharp s
03402240xE0àLatin small letter a with grave
03412250xE1áLatin small letter a with acute
03422260xE2âLatin small letter a with circumflex
03432270xE3ãLatin small letter a with tilde
03442280xE4äLatin small letter a with diaeresis
03452290xE5åLatin small letter a with ring above
03462300xE6æLatin small letter ae
03472310xE7çLatin small letter c with cedilla
03502320xE8èLatin small letter e with grave
03512330xE9éLatin small letter e with acute
03522340xEAêLatin small letter e with circumflex
03532350xEBëLatin small letter e with diaeresis
03542360xECìLatin small letter i with grave
03552370xEDíLatin small letter i with acute
03562380xEEîLatin small letter i with circumflex
03572390xEFïLatin small letter i with diaeresis
03602400xF0ðLatin small letter eth
03612410xF1ñLatin small letter n with tilde
03622420xF2òLatin small letter o with grave
03632430xF3óLatin small letter o with acute
03642440xF4ôLatin small letter o with circumflex
03652450xF5õLatin small letter o with tilde
03662460xF6öLatin small letter o with diaeresis
03672470xF7÷Division sign
03702480xF8øLatin small letter o with stroke
03712490xF9ùLatin small letter u with grave
03722500xFAúLatin small letter u with acute
03732510xFBûLatin small letter u with circumflex
03742520xFCüLatin small letter u with diaeresis
03752530xFDýLatin small letter y with acute
03762540xFEþLatin small letter thorn
03772550xFFÿLatin small letter y with diaeresis
04022580x102ĂLatin capital letter a with breve
04032590x103ăLatin small letter a with breve
04042600x104ĄLatin capital letter a with ogonek
04052610x105ąLatin small letter a with ogonek
04062620x106ĆLatin capital letter c with acute
04072630x107ćLatin small letter c with acute
04142680x10CČLatin capital letter c with caron
04152690x10DčLatin small letter c with caron
04162700x10EĎLatin capital letter d with caron
04172710x10FďLatin small letter d with caron
04202720x110ĐLatin capital letter d with stroke
04212730x111đLatin small letter d with stroke
04302800x118ĘLatin capital letter e with ogonek
04312810x119ęLatin small letter e with ogonek
04322820x11AĚLatin capital letter e with caron
04332830x11BěLatin small letter e with caron
04713130x139ĹLatin capital letter l with acute
04723140x13AĺLatin small letter l with acute
04753170x13DĽLatin capital letter l with caron
04763180x13EľLatin small letter l with caron
05013210x141ŁLatin capital letter l with stroke
05023220x142łLatin small letter l with stroke
05033230x143ŃLatin capital letter n with acute
05043240x144ńLatin small letter n with acute
05073270x147ŇLatin capital letter n with caron
05103280x148ňLatin small letter n with caron
05203360x150ŐLatin capital letter o with double acute
05213370x151őLatin small letter o with double acute
05223380x152ŒLatin capital ligature oe
05233390x153œLatin small ligature oe
05243400x154ŔLatin capital letter r with acute
05253410x155ŕLatin small letter r with acute
05303440x158ŘLatin capital letter r with caron
05313450x159řLatin small letter r with caron
05323460x15AŚLatin capital letter s with acute
05333470x15BśLatin small letter s with acute
05363500x15EŞLatin capital letter s with cedilla
05373510x15FşLatin small letter s with cedilla
05403520x160ŠLatin capital letter s with caron
05413530x161šLatin small letter s with caron
05423540x162ŢLatin capital letter t with cedilla
05433550x163ţLatin small letter t with cedilla
05443560x164ŤLatin capital letter t with caron
05453570x165ťLatin small letter t with caron
05563660x16EŮLatin capital letter u with ring above
05573670x16FůLatin small letter u with ring above
05603680x170ŰLatin capital letter u with double acute
05613690x171űLatin small letter u with double acute
05703760x178ŸLatin capital letter y with diaeresis
05713770x179ŹLatin capital letter z with acute
05723780x17AźLatin small letter z with acute
05733790x17BŻLatin capital letter z with dot above
05743800x17CżLatin small letter z with dot above
05753810x17DŽLatin capital letter z with caron
05763820x17EžLatin small letter z with caron
06224020x192ƒLatin small letter f with hook
013067100x2C6ˆModifier letter circumflex accent
013317290x2D9˙Dot above
013347320x2DC˜Small tilde
013357330x2DD˝Double acute accent
02002382110x2013En dash
02002482120x2014Em dash
02003082160x2018Left single quotation mark
02003182170x2019Right single quotation mark
02003282180x201ASingle low-9 quotation mark
02003482200x201CLeft double quotation mark
02003582210x201DRight double quotation mark
02003682220x201EDouble low-9 quotation mark
02004182250x2021Double dagger
02004682300x2026Horizontal ellipsis
02006082400x2030Per mille sign
02007182490x2039Single left-pointing angle quotation mark
02007282500x203ASingle right-pointing angle quotation mark
02025483640x20ACEuro sign
02044284820x2122Trade mark sign
Last update: April 03 2011
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